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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Let them eat cake !

      I'm just in the mood to brag about one of the best things about living in Orem. The Chocolate. Their marquie sums it up perfectly: " Break your resolution here." This cute and quaint dessert cafe has some of the most amazing cakes, cookies and brownies, But what I am most crave is something I call their stawberry short puffs. Unfortunately I'm not the only one who craves these and when I finally get to go there they are usually out.

    If you get the chance to go I would suggest their signature cake The Husband or The Kitty Katrina ( oddly enough a vanilla on vanilla cake that is divine). On top of having the best desserts, They have a fantastic atmosphere. You walk in and it seems like an old home turned into a quirky,retro cafe. So, Really guys ! Go to the chocolate :) its fan-freaking-tastic!

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